Remember back in those days when we were young, when our parents promised us rewards if we excel in our studies or score good grades for our examinations? Also the punishments that we will face if we flunk? Those were our childhood memories.
Be it excitement for the rewards or fear of the punishments, we all can agree that both ways, we work hard to meet the requirements. Which kid wouldn’t want to get a Playstation, or a holiday trip to Europe? And which kid would want to be told to stay home for the whole week, no soccer for the month, no meeting friends? The list just goes on.
Same as in trainings, people train for a purpose. But how many of them really has a goal and manage to meet their goal? Perhaps we can ask ourselves what is our purpose in training? Are we excited for the results? Are we afraid that we won’t get the results? Knowing how strong your purpose is will help you to put in the equal effort you need to achieve your goals. 
Recently I ended one of the Basic Muay Thai classes to with 50 speed kicks for each leg. Most of the time, I see students stopping in between the kicks, whether to have a short break, lost of balance, or simply feeling tired. But this time round it was different as I implemented the technique I was talking about, which is to instill fear. The fear of failing. My condition for the speed kick was simple. The students can kick light, but must complete the 50 kicks at one time, no stops, no breaks. Stopping before 50 will result in starting all over again. And they know I wasn’t joking. And so all of them did the 50 kicks without stopping at all.
So the message here is, be focused on what you are chasing and do not be distracted by what is not important. If you really want something, you can definitely achieve it with hard work and dedication. There is a famous quote, “If you wanna succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you will be successful.”

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