Prime Fight Gym have been blessed with victories. Lately we sent our fighters for local and overseas competitions. On the 27th October, our Head Coach Mus fought Muay Thai held in Johor by Persatuan Muay Thai Johor and managed to win via referee stoppage in the very first round. On the 4th of November, two of our fighters, Ozir and Denni, fought in Internal Affairs 4. Both of them wowed the crowd with their outstanding performance. Ozir’s bout was stopped by the referee in the second round due to outclassed by Ozir. Denni was fought the main event and won via unanimous decision.

On the 03rd December, our Head Coach Mus, again challenged himself and fought a Japanese Karate Master, Hiroshi Okumura, in Boxxtomoi K1 International, for a title belt. Within just two rounds, the fight was over when the referee stopped the fight. The winner goes to Coach Mus, winning via doctor stoppage due to severe cut.

One title belt nicely displayed on the shelf in the gym. More to come!

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